Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I’ve Watch Finding Nemo More Than 30 Times

My son, one and a half year’s old, very love to watch Finding Nemo. Almost everyday he wants to watch this VCD that the main character is a clownfish (an orange fish with three white vertical lines on his body). When my wife and I bought it two and a half years ago, we were not planning to choose spectacle for our future baby. We bought it because the bookstore has original VCD sale session. We found that this is a good animation movie—Finding Nemo won best picture for animation movie. It has good story with amazing picture.

We are blessed because when he can understand many shapes and objects in the picture, he fond to this movie that has deep ocean background. As he ask, “Iwak-wak.”—that’s mean “fish-fish” in Javanese language, it’s indicate that he want to watch this movie. For his age, he watch just fifteen minutes, maximally, sometime first disk, other time second disk. After fifteen, he watches casually if there are scenes that take his interest.

There are two advantages as he still adores to watching Finding Nemo. When the sun on zenith, very hot air outside and there aren’t kids on playground in front of our house, we are helped because my son didn’t ask to play outside. Other benefit, we easier to feeding him; he can quiet sit on the carpet and enjoy eating his lunch. How blessed we are.

Beside these two profits, anyway I go along to watch the movie; so I understand what the essential in the story. However, at least I’ve been watching Finding Nemo more than 30 times. My son refuses to watch alone as he decline to watch just with his mom. Third of us have to watch together, unless I go to work or out the town as I do now.

Finding Nemo’s main plot is very like to Saving Private Ryan. Certainly, they have the similar title. Their title consists of Verb + ing + Noun (in the form of person name). Finding Nemo narrate a father that looking for his son, then Saving Private Ryan put in the picture a special armed forces, led by an officer, that seek a private in the front of battle. The adventures of the journey in two movies are parallel. The main character in these movies has to face the big threat in the middle of their voyage. The journeys full of human interest topic—even Finding Nemo is a fable. Finding Nemo narrate the consciousness of a father that let his son go to grow up and Saving Private Ryan tell us how the main character, a military officer, find the true calling in his life .

So, what another thing that I can learn from Marlin dan Nemo? I was encouraged to faithfully to watching Finding Nemo even though I am awfully bored. I was remembered that I watch it on behalf of my loving to my son. As I accompany him, I see his mouth is quite open, it comforts me.