Friday, September 12, 2008

Lucifer oh Lucifer

Recently, I hear my friend was labeled as “Lucifer” by his ex-company chief board which he works with. I don’t know what the problem that make him had such label. It doesn’t make senses; he was one of the top managers in this company. What’s so awful on his manner that he was dubbed with that rude name? I don’t have any idea.

In this company, he has friend whom relied on. Other friend of mine told me that my friend—who had atrocious nickname—was betrayed by his “reliable” friend. I know him because I’ve met him in many events. Years ago, he is one of my friend’s staff—right hand staff. However, when vice president of marketing position was vacant, he persuaded my friend to takes this position although he had limited experience. Why he took this action? Because, he reached out for promotion. He zeroed in on my friend’s position which he held. My friend had been fooled and accepted to take that job.

Eventually, the disaster had come. My friend failed and he decided to resign from his job and the company. He planned to find another job that he can handled. The president of the company, however, tried to stop him; also the owner. But my friend has decided.

It turned out when my friend had an interview to his new job, the person that had been fooled him, join with my friend. I don’t know what his motivation was. May be he saw that his old job wasn’t prospective. Or, he saw he will fail on his job. And, in this interview, my friend was accepted but his companion was declined.

May be, that’s why my friend was labeled as “Lucifer”. He failed to take his unreliable friend to escape from his old job. May be he was bitter and provoked the chief board to hate my friend. Just may be. But, the label was mark on my friend.

By the way, now, my friend’s companion took his position, vice president of marketing in that company. How lucky he is.