Thursday, October 30, 2008

“Your Face is So Far Away!”

The title above is a English translation of Indonesian slang idiom. The original version in Bahasa Indonesia wrote, “muke lu jauh.” Actually the phrase which—somebody put it—popularize by comedian Benyamin Sueb isn’t familiar to me. I am not a Betawian and I didn’t lived in Jakarta before. I don’t know exactly the meaning of this. Somehow, I am more astonished by the English version. It sound funny and confusing. Particularly, I interest to it’s version because there is no mistaken in the grammar, but if English native speaker interpret the phrase, certainly they’ll be confused.

I’ll try to interpret the idiom. In my knowledge, the meaning of muke lu jauh is “your look and all of your entity is much below of my standard,” alias, “You are very ugly.” Latest, this idiom are become a mockery and slander. Because of the pronunciation of this idiom is very hard for Indonesian, English translation of muke lu jauh—your face is so far away—then it’s translation doesn’t become popular. Muke lu jauh more popular in Jakarta area. But, the idiom, your face is so far away, always dwell in my head because it is part of my frustration to my English ability. I desire to talk English fluently, but many mind barrier discourage me. In my sub consciousness this phrase act as representation of my identity. In my head it talk this: “ It is hard to learn English and I become more ugly because of that.” Any way my face is so far away too.

By the way, may be my journey of learning English is long. And, my writing is one of part my leaning English. Why I try hard to learn English? Because it will open my knowledge about wisdom and world. It open my eyes. I will be not blind anymore if I can speak English fluently. If you interest to help me, you can give comment to this articles.