Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Lovely Shoes

I bought my lovely shoes about seven months ago. I bought it because my old shoes were seen more like a sandal than a shoe. There are many holes on it. However I very fond to my old shoes, but I must acquiesce if cast off the old ones. I must find the new one and I was hunting it on Poncol Market, a Jakarta urban market near Senen Train Station. Do you know how much the price of it? Right, it price is about 4% of Edhie Baskoro Yudhoyono's. I think that indicate how much I spent my money if compare with him.

How I thanked to my shoes because it accompanied me in all situation. I make thousand steps with my seven-month-old shoes. I accompanied by my shoes in the train, in the public minibus, in the church, in the rain, under the blazing sun, in any situation. Okay, I demonstrate my symbolic thank to my shoes by place my shoes on my blog. Anyway, I must thanks to ANDI Offset, Otniel Sintoro, and Alex Japalatu whose bring me on the gorgeous adventure in my life.