Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Area Senyum

Courtesy of Alexius Japalatu

When I attended Pesta Buku Jakarta 2009 (Jakarta Book Fair 2009), there is a corner called Area Senyum (Smiling Area). In this corner, many caricatures portray last issue in Indonesia. For instance, there is picture of the battle of Indonesia President Candidates in Election 2009. In addition, there are caricatures that depict forest pruning and consequence of that.

One of attract my attention is a cartoon landscape of Jakarta. Area of Indonesian capital is depicting in funny way. I think an artist who draws has good knowledge any popular landmark in Jakarta. Despite laughing, I tend to learn details of the picture. A year, I am living in Jakarta, many places that I have not visit yet, and this picture help me a lot to give more understanding of the city that I struggle to loved.