Friday, July 17, 2009

Trying to Place an Award form My Friend

My friend, Risma Hutabarat offered me an award. It is honour for me. However, it first time forme to place such award. I hope it a right way to place an award. I have visit many blog with this kind award. It is interesting. Nevertheless, I have little information about what and how. I hope it just work.


These links are:

1.Robby Hakim


3.Surya Tips

4.Antaresa Mayuda

5.Baca Buku Fanda

6.Reni Judhanto

7.Evylia Hardi


9.Blog Perempuan Rumahan

10.Miktam Lilo's Father's Journal

If you want to get more information about this award, i think it is better to access this link: About Award form Risma Hutabarat