Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What is Miktam?

Although the exact meaning of “Michtam” (in some cases it is spelt as Miktam) is unknown(Some translate the word "golden", i.e., precious), it is believed to mean something along the line of “a golden poem.” Some have suggested that it means “a mysterious poem.”

We found it in the titles of Psalm 16:1 56:1. It is rendered in the Septuagint. by a word meaning "tablet inscription" or a "stelograph." The root of the word means to stamp or grave, and hence it is regarded as denoting a composition so precious as to be worthy to be engraved on a durable tablet for preservation; or, as others render, "a psalm precious as stamped gold," from the word _kethem_, "fine or stamped gold.

The psalm does reveal David's trust in life and hope in death. We can call it "David's Golden Secret". David's secret was that he placed his trust in the LORD, along with delighting in His saints on the earth (God's people). He found the LORD to be a good inheritance, and sought to bless Him for His counsel. Having set the LORD always before him and at his right hand, David was confident he would not be moved (Psalm 16:1-8).

Any way, Jesus Christ is called as son of David. May be there are many similarity about the of Jesus and David. How they have an intimate relationship with LORD and their trust in life and hope in death. However, Jesus proclaimed himself as a Savior who conquered the death.