Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mount Sinai Climbing Trip

Mount Sinai climbing trip started from a base of a camel ride. Promptly at 1:00 am, our group started to walk up the mountain is 2,500 meters high. Temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius to make three layers of clothing wrapped around my body feels like a thin cloth. Teeth chattering sound. And, most made ​​more miserable is the smell of camel dung that was overpowering. However, the journey must be made.

I am the oldest member of the group climbers. When I tried to follow their age is still the head of the two, I just had wheezing. And, the trip was full of misery began.

There are at least five stations resting on this trip. I called the station. Actually it is kind of small shops that provide warmth, hot water, coffee, tea, and snacks. What's interesting is these stations provide branded Indomie instant noodles. Indomie really mate!

Climb through steep cliffs. The stones mixed with sand --- of course mixed with camel dung were disgusting - making roads slippery. Reportedly, during the rain (or snow) climbing definitely canceled. Fortunately, it was early morning moon illuminates our journey. Of course, I was always behind. I have to always take a break to breathe.

Mount Sinai including Egyptian territory. It is said that this mountain is where the people of Israel before the time of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. We currently live together this way Moses. I myself do not remember whether the trip is done the middle of the night or day. However, the possibility that Moses climbing more dangerous. Therefore, the rows of climbing course unformed as I pass now.